CT Pistol Permit Class

Welcome to Gun Sensei. Your firearms learning center.

We want to make the path to your pistol permit informative and enjoyable.

The instructor is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and wants to share that excitement with you.

The NRA basic pistol course is your first step toward your pistol carry permit, but more importantly the basis for a lifetime of safe firearm handling and marksmanship excellence. 

Our next class is scheduled for September 28th, 2018.  

Please contact an instructor or EMail Info.GunSensei@GMail.com to reserve a seat. 

This is an approved course by the Connecticut State Police to be CGS 29-28 compliant.

Misunderstood meaning: teacher.  Actual meaning: guide
  Why it matters: Because it’s composed of the roots sen (before) and sei (life), the literal translation of sensei is “before in life,”  “A sensei is somebody who guides another person. For example, if you went to climb a mountain, you’d probably need a guide. Why? Because the guy has climbed that mountain before, and he made it.”

  It’s the same thing with firearms. The sensei was once at the same stage of training you’re at, and he can show you the way up. If you understand what his role is, you will have a better idea of what you can expect from him and what he can expect from you, he says. “Think of it this way: A sensei is behind you, pushing you forward, not standing in front of you, pulling. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to progress,”